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Rod Shizuka SH1700 WWG 420 Features

Carbon Surfcasting rod, telescopic and linked with SIC rings.
Equipped with a plate for the coupling of the reel with screw and metal finishes.

Careful in the finishes, the SH1700 WWG is a model appreciated by the most demanding fishermen.

Action: 100-200 gr.

Pleg length: 142 cm.

Weight: 450 gr.

+ Reel Titan sport Navigator FD 70

- Body of graphite.
- Aluminum coil.
- 6 Ball bearings.
- Anti infinite recoil.
- Rotor with coil anti-roll system.
- Guide titanium threads anti twist with bearing.
- ALUTEX handle with rubber handle.

CAPACITY: 045/275 meters RATIO: 1: 4.3 WEIGHT: 625 gr.

Reel for surfcasting, tent and bottom

+ Thread Kushiro N2 300 m.

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